This Is An Epic About A Crew That Conquered At The Squamish Valley Music festival

Submitted by: Wordsbywoods

A crew that stretched before shows, 

A crew that knew shortcuts and cheat codes

They bought ipod docks and built temporary tent fortresses with Walmart receipts

They sold tickets for half price because this

crew that threw sit down dance parties when heads and calves were too swollen to walk.

They were a hectic collective of

Ninja spirits their martial art – was groovin it.

 They were students, planters, dream and music enthusiasts, and

Like last minute money transfer emails they


..In 8 passenger multi coloured caravans

that read like CAD-A-LLAC -no cataracts

sights were set and solid like standards and musicfest manors 

This is not a claim of “THE BEST”

Because there were better and definitely worse.

But if good vibes died, these mutha fuckas put the herse in reverse

They woke mutually hung like hippy blankets 

While the promise of base, shiftin first morning crumpled shapes 

-altered states.

They carried eyes of wide into it, and with pupils like pulleys

they moved awkward stares to vibe on stage

they cut through crowd discomfort with loose shoulder blades

sharing green breath, sweat, beer and vocal sprays.

affluent in life and crowd currents

they flowed through Rock and Hip Hop

like rap/actors- Childish Gambino

ALL in at the Love Life Casino

Apex predators, T-rex style and Lyrical executioners

like ‘A-KILL’ from Jurrasic 5

Harmony hexes for ear drums and anvils,

No Coachella, complexes.

Like when

Others wanted Macklemore, it overlapped, yet was thatch-able,

-sprint through moving mazes, as the crowd changes

from South to North facing forces

overhearing Garibaldi peak gawks- like: “Oh my GOSH -it is Gorgeous”

but eased by gluten free eateries with organic beef

melted cheese mushrooms making mundane magic

mouthing mute words like “This is INSANE”


mental barriers decay via Acid corrosion -not rot,

embraced not fought

psychedelics its mental, natural and chemical

molly slips like fun cop tickets,

real security was subliminal, action level set to minimal

They rattled senses of superior concensus

LIKE “holly shit” did that guy just slip between the fabric zap strapped to the fences

Care free, contagious nature.


The Heavy caught on, droppin day HOWL hooks

Until Gogol Bordello’s wagon unloaded heel stomps and head bangs as clenched fists pump

-The reins synched for the Band of Horses

Crowd hummin lyrics but thundering courses

Paths cut by the kings of the rock era – the queens of the stone age


to head bang continuous- rock out in circles flowing and liberuous

neck well lubricated like vagina on vertebrae

As girls admire the collective climax of a weekend

leaving life filaments bright and feeling it-

Pretty lights.

-attracting midnight butterflies.

They carried the final set of the festival

to an honourable dewy grassen grave

glow in the dark baton’s

leading a 1000 person, campground parade

“If you got the beats you can come!

…If you don’t got the beats…you can come!”

 And we invite you to do so sisters and

BRO. Cause this crew that conquered

would love to jive witch on the West Coast at 

another rad Music Festival


 One of the best crews that ever lived.

A biased* collection of wordsbywoods and photography by Ali Marie Parker

2 Comments on This Is An Epic About A Crew That Conquered At The Squamish Valley Music festival

  1. I may have missed out but not in spirit
    this crew is holy I love every one in it
    the winter will pass the snow will melt with it
    but don’t worry woody the tribes will unite
    festivals ignite and we will all dance through the night

  2. Who?

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