Off To Burn The Man…

18 years young was the first time I ever heard the words “Burning Man”. Attached with those two words statements such as, “life changing”, “you’ll never come back the same”, “it’s like riding a bike on the moon” and “go and see the sunrise” have repeatedly been said. You can imagine how this spiked my curiosity and has been on my mind and my “bucket list” ever since.

A true testament that dreams do come true after 9 years of “needing” to go and have this ultimate experience the opportunity has finally arose. In a matter of 5 days, tickets we’re found, tickle trunks we’re packed, an excessive amount of water managed to find it’s way into my car “Jettika Lohan”. A 5am adventure to the Nevada dessert in seek of Black Rock City and all that this magical place has to offer has now begun.

This song has so far has played a major roll to the soundtrack of our adventure. My co-pilot “Midge” and I can’t wait for our very first “Funky Town For Knox Friday” at Burning Man. Not to mention all the double high kicks we’re going to bust out for all the unexpected undertakings that this self sustained dessert city has to offer.

See you on the playa friends. The Party Beacon will be shinning high if you would like to find us!

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