The Countdown to Shambhala: The 2013 List of Special Events

SO. On Monday, Betty and Kora are driving to Shambhala.  We will be there for a week.  Here are some activities that you should know about.  We can’t wait for this!!!!

July 15, 2013 at 2:50pm

A list of compiled special events, most of which are attendee-organized. If your event is missing, please comment (w/ link if it’s a FB event) and let us know!


TuTu Tuesday: All Day, Salmo River Ranch & On the Road to Shambhala

A long-standing tradition at the Salmo River Ranch the day before we open our gates to the public.

Feeling bold? Join in the fun on your road to Shambhala and wear a TuTu on your travels!


The Soap Box Open Stage, (Almost) Anytime, @ The Wish Tree

 Pre-scheduled Soap Box Programming:

*Super Tall Paul nightly @ Midnight

*Sustainable Happiness workshop w/ Kimmy Klassen, 2:30 pm, Saturday
Nestled under The WIsh Tree, The Soap Box offers an open mic for slam poetry, performance, workshops, the piano, your enchanting voice.

Open stage for you to showcase your talents! There will be a signup board for performance times.

We do have some pre-planned programming:
*Up from California, SuperTall Paul performs every evening at midnight.
*Kootenay Local, Kimmy Klassen, will host a “Sustainable Happiness” workshop at 2:30pm on Saturday Shambhala 

Traditional Hatha Vinyasa Yoga w/ Jenna Arpita, Thursday through Sunday, The Yoga Garden *Thursday – Sunday 10am / *Friday & Saturday 6pm

Start your festival right with some self-care through grounding yoga meditation. Stretch, breath and love up your body in prep for some deep soulful booty shaking.
Yoga allows us to stay centered and connect with the true self and inner groove…revealing where true stillness and peace lives…within!


Please join us on the grass by the river at the “Yoga Garden” this year.

Namaste, Jenna Arpita

Yoga Classes Are By Donation, Proceeds to Charity:
Kukua Pamoja is a Nelson-Nairobi initiative that strives to offer recreational, educational programs and opportunities to youth living in Nairobi’s slums. KP Eastlands is a registered CBO that focuses on youth development, gender empowerment, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health education and prevention programming, income generating, community development and arts based recreational programming. KP runs a youth centre that is open a few days a week that offers classes of dance, music, hip hop,yoga and acrobatics to children aged 5- 19 years of age. Kukua Pamoja is housed by ANKORS, a kootenay based organization.

Check Kukua Pamjoa out on facebook for more information!

Shambhala Garden Tours w/ Kelly Moore, Wednesday through Saturday, 1:00 pm, Circle Gardens

Come meet Shambhala’s lead gardener! Kelly Moore will walk you through our downtown gardens, and teach you a little bit about what’s growing there! Explore edible gardens, and see that food can be beautiful too!
Daily, Wednesday-Saturday at 1pm. Meet at the circle gardens near BASScamp!


The ShambhaYahct Club: 2:00 pm, Living Room Stage Beach

Every day at 2:00 pm club members will meet at the beach stage to form a mighty fleet and charge the rapids in unison, all the way to muscle beach. Possible punch and pie may be served once we have dropped anchors. Explorer 200’s are the recommended vessel but feel free too bring anything you feel is sea worthy. Please do not leave any garbage in the river. No lifeguard on duty, please be safe. See everyone Friday 2:00 pm!!


KaleidoAct, Thursday through Sunday 7:30pm, 8:05pm, 8:40pm, 9:15 pm, 11:30 pm, 12:05 am, 12:40 am, 1:30 am, Near Sunshine Camp ZoneEntrance,

$5.00 Admission


Is it the world’s largestkaleidoscope?  Well, one of them – mostdef.  Truth be told, the KaleidoAct isone of the coolest acts ON THE PLANET! Prepare to have your mind blown.


The KaleidoAct is the first object/movement theatre show performed in a giant kaleidoscope, exploring imaginary dimensions of the deep sea. The concept and design has been inspired by drawings of Ernst Haeckel as well as extraordinary creatures, art forms and bioluminescence found in marine environment.

The Moulin aux Chimeres artists’ collective is devoted to bringing audiences innovative and unique experiences by weaving performance, design, craft and sound. Their trademark performing equipment,a giant kaleidoscope provides a platform for open ended visual experimentation since 2002.


SkiiTour Après Skii Party: 1:30 pm – 3:00pm, AMPhitheatre Stage

Living in the world-class ski resort town of Whistler, SkiiTour have been to more après than they can shake a ski pole at. Years of ‘training’ have made them self-proclaimed experts of afternoon ragers, and they are excited to be bringing the après party to Shambhala, complete with a snow machine!
Break out your goggles, slap on that onsie, andget ready to dance the afternoon away.  Keep your tips up!

Shambhalove Potluck:  4:20 pm, near BASScamp
On Thursday, after the music has begun let us gather under the towering cedar trees between BASScamp and the AMPhitheatre,where it’s nice and shady, away from the hot afternoon sun to share tasty treats and big ol’ bear hugs.

Please remember that this is a random assortment of people, and please make sure you indicate anything in your contribution that someone might be allergic to, or indicate if it’s a special recipe (Gluten-free, Vegan, Dairy-free, etc. etc.)


Day Onesie: 5pm, Anywhere


Get out your best onesie’s for the second annual Day Onesie at Shambhala!



Unicorn Stampede: Noon, Fractal Forest Stage  shambhalamusicfestival1


COME UNI, COME ALL! To the first annual Unicorn Stampede at Shambhala Music Festival! Dress in your finest Unicorn costumes, shirts or just bring a unicorn attitude! We will be starting the stampede at the opening of Fractal Forest and prancing majestically from stage to stage!


The 3rd Annual Great Shambhala Costume Swap: 2:00 pm Friday until Sunday Afternoon, Outside the Beatique & Smokenhausen in the Artisan Market


Too many tutu’s in your tickle trunk? Tired of your same old costume pieces? Or just wanna help newbies get started with their first Shambhala costume?

Join us outside Shambhala’s Beatique (The Official Shambhala Merch Store) & Smokenahusen on Friday to exchange costumes!

The costume swap is strictly for trading /giving – no exchange of money for costumes.


If you are among the costumeless, come to the event, pick something up, and enjoy!

Any costumes left over after the event will be thrown into the tickle trunk bins, and you can Take-A-Costume, Leave-A-Costume throughout the weekend. 🙂



Shambhala Reddit Meetup: 3:00 PM, The Wish Tree


A meet up with fellow Shambhalovely redditors. Maybe give our Shambhala subreddit some reasons to chatter and post more frequently!


Epic Hoop (& prop) Jam: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Calling all hoopers & the hoop-curious! Bring your hoops (and other props) to the Labyrinth onFriday afternoon for a hoop jam of monster proportions. Need we say more?

Don’t forget to bring your extra hoops, especially larger hoops if you have them, to share with the hoop-curious who might want to give it a try. 🙂



Zombies vs Unicorns Walk: 5:00 pm, Living Room Stage


Three years ago the first signs of the zombie invasion began. They appeared in small numbers at the Living Room stage on a less than ordinary Friday at the Salmo River Ranch; ZOMBIES. Though their numbers were small that first invasion, it only took a couple bites. From stage to stage they staggered, shuffled and danced, infecting others. Their numbers multiplied. Then they vanished into the woods. We thought they were gone, but one year later, at the very spot were it all started, the Zombies returned in greater numbers.

But this year, something has changed… something majestic has shown up at Shambhala. Unicorns. These long thought mythical beasts of old of have shown up to defend the grounds of Shambhala from the undead hordes. A battle of glitter and gore shall ensue.


The line of battle has been drawn. It all begins at 5pm, at the Living Room stage. From there, on the war of glam vs guts will hit every stage. Nothing shall be safe from this epic war.

Show up in your best zombie or unicorn outfits and help fight this most noble battle.





Caturday Morning With Joseph Martin: 7:00 am, Fractal Forest


Calling all the cool cats, disco kitties, funky felines & strays!


Start your Caturday off with a good strut, we’ll be dressing up & sporting our best cat-themed attire while getting down to funky disco house sounds!
Come celebrate Caturday with Joseph Martin & the Kitten Krew in the Fractal Forest at Shambhala Music Festival 2013!


Shambhala COD Waterfight: 2:00 pm, BASScamp


We’re having a water fight, “Capture the Flag” style! We’ll meet up at BASScamp and teams will randomly be picked on day of. Each team will have a designated colour, along with a stage as their home base where the ” flag” will be hidden.


NO WATER BALLOONS. We’re on a ranch, and balloons will only create garbage and health hazards for the cows. So load up on water guns, buckets and sponges!

Sustainable Happiness Workshop w/ Kim Klassen: 2:30 pm, The Soap Box

How can we connect the linkages between happiness and sustainability and create a more desirable life for all?

Sustainable Happiness aims to stimulate discussions regarding the relationship between happiness, wellbeing and sustainability.

Workshop hosted by environmental sustainability expert Kim Klassen of Ymir, BC.

Kim is the go-to person for comprehensive sustainability consulting. She has a B.Sc. in Environmental Science and an M.A. in Environmental Education and Communication, is a certified home energy efficiency advisor, performs sustainable happiness workshops and is the founder of Peak Sustainability to help you climb your sustainability peak. She is currently writing her first book to address the need for greater personal worth to fill our void instead of consuming the worlds precious resources to feel happy and satisfied. Kim’s next big project will be developing an on-line comprehensive sustainability program to help individuals change their lifestyle step by step, on their way to Peak Sustainability.

Kim’s website:
Sustainable Happiness Website:




Lazy Sunday in the Labyrinth: Noon, Labyrinth Stage


Come join us for a lazy Sunday morning/early afternoon in the Labyrinth. All hammocks of Shambhala are welcome. We want to fill the forest of the Labyrinth with as many hammocks and slacklines as possible. A communal naptime to prepare for the amazing night we have in store for us Sunday night!


 PromBhala : 8:00 pm, The Wish Tree


Wear your gowns, your tutus, your suit and tie, because YOU are cordially invited to Shambhala’s Sweet 16 PROMBALA ♥

Meet at The Wish Tree at 8pm where we will mingle, learn a few dance steps and begin our Prombala Sweet 16 tour to each stage. ♥

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