Some WordsbyWoods…

Heyo! Here’s a more poetry/spoken word style piece our home boy WordsbyWoods at wrote. He wrote this with the wicked ass band MCM in mind, but to all artists and musicians in general.

Musicians or Artists, each one, too, their own…Opinion- regardless. Can ignite a crowd, unite a crowd, in a socially rare: common… …energy thought or feeling It is Be-auti-fullof moments, experiences of human beings connected:Hello and, good..beye’s closed.. Bodies sway, grind, bump, touch and fondle, for.. people unravel as, and in search, of individual or individuals.. …weaved and wovenat the hands of bass licks and drum kicks Harmony build-ups and guitar solo-throwdowns on …an ever maluable mass of crowd. On stage- Passion and talent collide, and combust:a mushroom cloud of creativity Breathing in sparks, the audience is engulfed, embers falling into the tinder of their subconscious ANDMasters of the moment know:If you want the fire to burn… Than you’ve got to blow on the embers *Harmony* “Yeah, you’ve got to bloooow on the embers…If you want the fire to burrrrn.” And let the inferno begin!Heads bang, fists pump and feet stomp-ing worries… …doubts and emotions become fuel, gasoline.. ..on a flame converts from liquid to vapour.For reasons beyond reasons, nonsense gone- burnt, turned to stimulation sacrificed to an animalistic wildfire …of creatures willing to be, see AND Feel puppet strings, moving their limbs for this and that time. Inevitably the encore finishes- and people walkaway Energy and heat dispersed like coals around a campfire everyone spreads out to drink, fuck, eat or sleep… going to go and glow in the darkness.The dankness…The grass… is flattened and the mud will harden and the smoke will clear. But those musically motivated embers are burnt into the memories of mind. Their gift of that time.It is Beautiful.



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