Kora’s Day Off…

A special thanks to one of my favourite party ninja’s Mindy for helping me write this post!


The adventure began after a night of rocking out to Head of the Herd at the Electric Owl.  A killer after –party followed.

Cut to me standing on my custom living room coffee table — built to withstand some wicked-ass dance parties – yelling, as I popped open another bottle of prosecco: “It’s a blowout!” It was then that I realized I still hadn’t started packing for my trip to a local paradise the next morning. Clearly, I was off to a great start.

Miraculously, I made it out the door a casual ten minutes late. Anyone who knows me well will acknowledge that this was a gawd-dayum miracle!! After collecting my girl-posse from all about town, we were off, heading to a place that is so incredibly fucking magical that the only way I can attempt  to describe it is as a real life version of Never Never Land. Seriously.

Five hours later, after a long-ass drive and some party preparatory pit-stops, we arrived at the dock — greeted with giggles, hugs and of course, beers to shotgun on our journey to the best place on earth. I was now surrounded by beauty, nature and a cabin full of two-dozen of the finest individuals I happen to know on this planet.

After searching out some prime real estate in the forest for my princess palace, (a double tall queen size blow-up mattress),  I was greeted at the cabin by an immediate challenge to a game of  “high duke” (AKA flip cup). I was up to defend my title as ‘one flip miss’ (clearly a champion in my own right). The game would be best described with two syllables: BLOW OUT. From there began our evening of fine-dining, wild adventure, fire dances, and of course, your casual five am sendoff for the load of people that couldn’t get themselves off-island the day before.

Time went on and a new day began.  The fog rolled in deep and the mist layered this magical world around us. One would think we could have appreciated the quiet solitude that a grey west coast day could offer, but as we all know, when there’s awesome to be had, we were going to find it. The fog lifted and we enjoyed some casual morning cocktails and the token best friend photo shoots.

It was now clearly time to seek some adventure.  A dozen of the weirdest, closest friends you could imagine proceeded to pack up all the necessary ingredients for a portable party,  including, but not limited to:
Two boxes of wine,
At least 100 beers,
approximately 12 Lonetree ciders,
Water, because you can’t forget the most integral piece of party sustainability,
A “bonus” pack of batteries to feed our tune machine (thank gad someone gives a dam about the music!),
Chocolate covered “Fun Guys”(whatever that means),
A pair of gum boots,
And something warm for the boat ride home: which would be a bottle of Fireball.

The bags were packed and it was time to load all these party monsters into the boat. Our mission: the search of sun, nature and obviously more giggles.

Clearly things are better when you’re floating, so why not build a house that floats too?  This was obviously the best place for a spontaneous dance-party and the ultimate friend photo shoot — it’s incredible how many people don’t know how to rock the lama pose.

Suns out, guns out.  Why not take the treck to Mecca?  Mandatory volunteers required:

One very strong and dedicated friend to carry the cooler,

And your token music guy slash tequila-mule to get your beats pumping deep into the forest.

Deep into the forest we went to a little place we like to call “secret lake” (that’s right I’m not telling you the exact location).

Time for a float off!! The dance-party continued, as did the float-offing, until there was not a drop of sunshine left on that lake to keep us warm. Cut to an awkward reverse nature-walk back towards the boat, never as fun as the way there, but just as necessary, and we were off like nothing ever happened, (except for the best day ever!).
At Betty & Kora we feel it’s important to have balance. For us, it’s about having these nature-appreciative days with our besties, while finding the time to take in the sights and sounds of music festivals as well. So never stop chasing sunshine, having float-offs, dance-parties and searching out music that satisfies the soul and your ear buds.

Mad love to my friends who somehow always seem to help me find more awesome-ness, even when it’s meant to be my day off.

Ciao for now,

xo Kora

PS Here’s a few more happy snaps caught on the Kora Cam….

2 Comments on Kora’s Day Off…

  1. Dan Turgeon // July 30, 2013 at 11:52 am // Reply

    Very cool Kora! Keep the dream alive!

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