The Phillips Brewery/Atomique Productions Back-yarder. Why Local Brewer’s Should Throw Concerts.

I had the pleasure of attending the two day Phillips Brewery Back-yarder in Victoria B.C. last week.  For those of you not from around these parts, Phillips not only brews some of the best beer I’ve ever had but has also stepped into an entirely new business: a concert venue.  Sure, beer and live music go hand-in-hand like PB and J, hotcakes and molasses or beans and cornbread…we all know that.  However, turning your outdoor lot space into a concert venue is GENIUS.  DOUBLE HIGH KICK PHILLIPS.  YOU’RE KILLING IT.

Phillips Brewery going off

Phillips Brewery going off

Atomique Productions, who throw major shows during the year in the Victoria area, as well as major music festivals like Rock the Shores and Rifflandia have partnered with Phillips Brewery to bring in some serious talent.  Cat Empire and De La Soul headlined the event and threw down harder than Animal throws down on the drums.  Ya, I went there.

Phillips Beer Truck

Phillips Beer Truck

I’m not sure what it is about Victoria, and maybe I’m biased, but Vic has the best audiences at any show.  Simply put, people get into it.  Cat Empire had that entire crowd dancing like manic gypsies.  Beer was flying, people were flying, epic dance circles ensued.  De La Soul had as many crowd members on stage as they did off.  The energy in that lot could have powered a city block for days.


So why is this partnership between a brewery and music production important?  Arguably, we’re all in this together.  Local business should help one another out.  Both companies work together on a common goal, which = more love.  Supporting your local brewer is important.  Their is some serious love that goes into those products and the same dedication and commitment goes into planning, booking and promoting concerts.  If more businesses formed these legendary relationships than everyone would win.

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