Rock the Shores Music Festival Review

Main Stage Set Up

Rock the Shores Music Festival killed it this year. The venue at Juan De Fuca Rec Centre was one hell of a good choice, spanning the soccer fields and giving room to all 10,000 attendees. Staff were incredible with solving logistical issues and volunteers were solid. Lines for food were packed, the beer garden was packed and the venue in general was going off!!!


Vince Vaccaro, Mother Mother, Sam Roberts and Awolnation SLAYED IT!!!!! Home boy Vince Vaccaro is so freaking talented it makes me want to punch a wall!!!!!!!!! Even better is that Vince’s Great Grandma was there rocking out at 92 years old. In the words of Ali G: RESPECT.

Vince Vaccaro

Vince Vaccaro

Mother Mother tore the un-roofed roof off of that venue. I can’t get over that bands energy and talent. Betty and Kora have loved Mother Mother for a long, long time. You could say the band is one of our life-soundtracks. You guys never cease to amaze us with your incredible lyrics and amazing music!!!!! Plus you’re on babe watch constantly. BABE ALERT: MOTHER MOTHER YOU ARE ALL BABES ON BABES ON BABES.

Mother Mother

Mother Mother

Ok, let’s talk about this: Reign Wolf. HOLY FACKING BALLS THAT BAND BLEW MY MIND. Dear Reign Wolf, my head exploded when you played due to my brain freaking out with your mind-blowing musical powers. I will give you a thousand hand-hugs forever. That set gets A DOUBLE HIGH KICK. Reign wolf opened the concert just after 2pm Sunday and literally had the entire crowd captivated in less than a minute. Rarely do you see a band open for a festival that creates more buzz that Matt Good, who shut down on the Saturday night.

Nick Losing it!!!!!!


YUP.  Not only did I find these little gems, they gave me facial hair.

YUP. Not only did I find these little gems, they gave me facial hair.

Finally, let’s talk about Weezer. OK. SO. You know those times when you’re at a festival or a concert and you don’t think a band could play any more songs that were even better and more iconic than the last? Yeah. Weezer pulled that card the whole time. WEEZER YOU FUCKING RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a bet with my buddy Nick that they would open with “My Name is Jonas,” which they did: HIGH-KICK. It was like every single human in that crowd knew every single lyric to every single song. It was the biggest sing-a-long I’ve ever been in the middle of, except it wasn’t to Sesame Street or The Muppets (which clearly is dope too). GAWD DARN IT WEEZER YOU GUYS ARE SO FUCKING COOL.

Buddy Holly...uugghhh

Buddy Holly…uugghhh

Wheezer Killing It

Weezer Killing It

All in all, Rock the Shores was a top-notch time. Only in its second year, the line-up was something to definitely write home about and the venue was awesome. People had an amazing time and it is definitely a festival for anyone who did not attend for next year!!


Found these beaut's backstage and a guy with a Polaroid.

Found these beaut’s backstage and a guy with a Polaroid.

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