Vic Fest – Total Success!

Two weeks after I registered on twitter I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had won two weekend passes to Vic Fest! In its third year running and first time as a two day event, Vic Fest boasts a unique Island experience for both attendees and artists/vendors. I was only able to attend the first night but here is my story:

My friend Brandi, my boyfriend and myself showed up right at 5pm when the gates opened and were welcomed by none-other than Betty herself who was slapping wristbands on partygoers. Greeted with a smile and a hug we were ready to dance to The Zone’s January 2013 band of the month “The Grass Tracks”. As we approached the grounds we noticed a small section of grass out front of the stage and a larged fenced-off area privy to those of us who are 19+. After getting harassed by the all-too-thorough security (I know, they were just doing their jobs), we made it just in time to hear the band open. Winning the UVSS Battle of the Bands in 2012 these guys were sure to be a hit– and they were! Not only did they look like they were having a good time, the sound pulsating from their instruments (vocals included) forced us into a flurry of dance.

To my dismay, the ‘sampling’ area did not refer to free samples but instead turned out to be a regular beer garden but with drinks that were half the size and cost of a regular drink. No problemo! As the sun went behind St. Anne’s Academy things got chilly pretty quickly so we made sure to enjoy some of the spicy and delicious food vendors and checked out the Wolf Sheep Art Showcase inside the building. I was impressed by the art and set up! My only wish was to see more of it.

Wolf Sheep Art House Gallery at VicFest

Wolf Sheep Art House Gallery at VicFest

As we made our way back to the beer garden things had taken a turn. Two festers were arguing with a security guard as another escorted their friend out of the garden. Things had definitely gotten rowdy and I found myself searching for a patch of grass away from the chaos. Although I could still hear the music it was beginning to muffle behind the sounds of boisterous young adults hooting and hollering at nothing in particular.

Vince Vaccaro closed things up so we decided to head to the ‘safe’ side of the fence and appreciate his set. It turned out to be a great choice because we were almost equally entertained by tiny humans running around in capes from The Zone and dancing their little hearts out.

Vic Fest had been a success! We danced, we drank, we laughed, we kicked off the summer in style. As we walked home from the event I couldn’t help but become even more excited for what will hopefully be the most epic summer yet 🙂 Stay tuned!”>Kalisi

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