Top Five Reasons Why B&K Love The Tall Tree Music Festival

In less than one week Tall Tree Music Festival will be ramping up for another amazing year, and guess whose going?  Yep, you guessed it!  Betty and Kora, who will bring you the latest down-low on everything Tall Tree from June 26th-29th 2015.

It’s official.  B&K have made a list of the top five reasons why we love Tall Tree, and why you should too.

1. Tall Tree Music Festival is unlike any other festival around.  Why?  Well, for starters it is located here:

We are here 2

Who wouldn’t want to party on top of Browns Mountain, in Port Renfrew B.C., Canada.  That’s not a question.  That’s a statement.  Look at what your greeted by every morning;  your campsite might be a disaster from the night before, but shit, with that view, who cares.

2. The lineup is amazing.  Three days, nights and early mornings packed with one hell of an epic music montage.  From Hip-hop to EDM to Folk to old-school Rock there is something for everybody, and everything for those of us who like it all.


3.  The production value is insane.  Let’s talk about this:

– Three stages: The Valley Stage (located in the campground…which is so rad considering you don’t have to wander far to listen to music), the Main Stage (with a beer garden and a view to die for) and the late night EDM stage (which starts at 9pm and goes till 6am).  Music starts in the early afternoon and goes until the morning between all three.  Love it.


– Visuals: Tall Tree has the VJ master himself (Bluntfaktory) and his team creating un-real, ever-changing visuals.  We can’t wait to see what the team comes up with this year!!!  YUUSS!


– The Skate Ramp: yeah, you heard right.  There’s a freaking skate ramp.  Welcome to the West coast bitches.


– Food and booze: there are so many food-trucks and a massive beer garden that Tall Tree seriously takes care of anything you could want or need.  From vegan to gluten free to straight up meat options, the options run the gauntlet of deliciousness.  The booze garden is outstanding, serving up beer from Philips Brewery and Somersby Cider.


– Art: tons of art projects all over this festival, which are ever-changing.  B&K love art projects at festivals!!  Weeeee!!


– The little things: Suit Saturday.  That’s right.  Stuff like this makes festivals in my mind.  Everyone on Saturday should wear a suit, or blazer or something business like.  Not only is there a theme, but everyone is encouraged to wear costumes.  This is the coolest thing ever!!


– The necessary: An amazing and dedicated staff, great security team, ample ‘facilities,’ great road and trail systems, car parking and shuttle services.


4.  Camping: You can make your own spot wherever you want.  Yeah, that’s right.  There are no 10×10 cluster fuck ‘camping stalls’  where you are literally exploding onto your neighbor’s living room.   As much as we like neighbors, there is something to be said about trekking into the bush and creating your own space.  Love this.


5. The idea: This festival is not about making money;  it gives it away.  All proceeds go to The Ancient Forest Alliance, an organization focused on the environmental preservation of old-growth forests on Vancouver Island.  If that doesn’t solidify why this festival is unlike any other on the planet, then I’m not sure what will!  B&K give you guys some serious respect.  Hand-hugs all around xo.

See you cats there!  Come and share a Tall Tree Story with us at our site, or find us out and about!  You won’t be able to miss us 😉  All stories will be featured on our site in early July!

2 Comments on Top Five Reasons Why B&K Love The Tall Tree Music Festival

  1. I am so excited for my first year of Tall Tree! Can’t wait to party it up with you ladies as well as with some of my amazeballs best pals!

  2. Can’t wait!

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