“Cayucas” at The Biltmore Cabaret.

Tuesday nights can be a hard sell in Van City. There was a surprisingly decent turn out for the California Indie pop group ‘Cayucas’ this past Tuesday night at the Biltmore, and for good reason. The band demanded the crowds attention with their first tune of the night by exploding onto the stage with their high energy hit  “Cayucas”.  Everyone quickly vacated their seats and pushed to the front, their hipster heads nodding. There were even a few brave souls who began to dance.


The major highlight of the show was definitely when Caycus busted out their latest single “High school lover”.  The song’s bad-ass bass line, combined with killer vocals and a catchy chorus had everyone dancing.  I even saw one couple with their arms wrapped around each other as if re-living what it was like to be in love at high school prom. C’était adorable!



Overall, lead singer Zach’s ability to hit some pretty decent falsetto made Cayucas  a tight live band.  Their show reminded me of an indie mashup of Vampire Weekend meets The Beach Boys. Give these boys some more time to hone their stage performance and presence and they’ll be playing to a sold out Biltmore in the near future.  On the whole this show gets one big HIGH KICK! 

– Kora

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