Packing It Around

Everyone who has ever been to a festival knows that packing is half the battle. What should I pack with me? How do I get this all in my car? How do I pack it around the festival?
A few years back a friend of mine asked if she could get a ride to a festival up island with me and my boyfriend. Fear struck me as I imagined this tiny 5’3 friend of mine buried in all my stuff in the back seat; how were we going to fit her in let alone her things? Well… we ended up renting a roof rack and an extra storage container to perch on top of my green sedan and we managed…barely. Now I am supposed to drive 4 of us up to a festival at the end of the month and this is how I plan to do it….
So here are some tips for you:
1. Before the festival ask your friends what camping items they are bringing so you don’t get doubles. You only need 1 camping stove per site, 1 pot, 1 pan and sometimes you can share space in coolers.
2. Get those storage bags that you suck the air out of and can put clothes in. Ever year I have at least 2 filled with clothes and one filled with costumes.
3. Roll up your clothing and stuff it in to the ziplock bags. Make sure to put things you KNOW you are going to wear near the front of the bag; Like PJs for the first night, bathing suites, your favourite pair of leggings etc.
4. Purchase a large plastic tote to put random items like your air mattress, pots, pans etc into. Also, get a cooler with wheels. It is easy to carry to and from the campsite and you can pack them on top of each other.

5. Buy a utility belt or bag that you can easily attach to yourself and dance in; I can’t tell you how many times friends of mine have lost their stuff because they ‘only put it down for a minute’ but couldn’t remember what stage they were at when they did so.

Good Luck!  Submitted by: Kalisi ❤  follow on Twitter @KalisiLuv

Check out these amazing bags made by Jungle Tribe Couture (top photo):

and  Desert Rogue Designs (bottom photo):

"My favourite bag that is easy to dance in"

“My favourite bag that is easy to dance in”


This utility belt fits everything I need during a festival

This utility belt fits everything I need during a festival

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