Betty and Kora LOVE Keeley and Pete. The Tale of The Bugaloo Blow out.

Keeley and Pete

Keeley and Pete



You know when you set up shop in festival camping and pray that you have rad neighbours?  Well, we got just that.  And a lot more.  Pete and Keeley ventured across the pond from the UK to Coachella, and packed every ounce of British coolness one could ever ask for.  It’s not like they tried…they just literally kill it 24/7.

After several days and nights of kiddy pool lounging, breakfast burritos, morning cocktails, fashion advice, late night debauchery and bull shitting it was suddenly the last day of Coachella.  It was Sunday, and it came way too soon.  We (Betty and Kora) popped over to Pete and Keeley’s van and told them that tonight we were going to have a blow out party.



When Coachella came to an end, everyone ventured to our site, (even though it was a raging sandstorm) and started the blow out party… A.K.A. everything must go, cause we’re going back to Canada.  Pete and Keeley jumped on that train and rode it all the way home with us until 10am the next day.  What happened in this period of time is why I am writing about these two UK wonders.  I’m going to lay it down for you like this:

The Jive Joint

The Jive Joint

Super Tall Paul was performing in his gypsy bus circus of a campground stage area, called The Jive Joint, and we were going.  It was 3am and we (30 plus people) needed something to do because the storm was raging.  It was a literally a blow out, both outwardly and in.  As we walked into Super Tall Paul’s lair, Pete looked at me and said “I want to be on that bus.”  There was a massive bus as his stage back drop, for those of you who have never seen The Jive Joint before.  I looked at him and said, “let’s go.”  Pete gave me this funny look, and I interpreted it as “ya fucking right, we’re not going to be allowed on.”  I looked at Hamish and Kora, demanded the two Champaign bottles that someone was holding and marched past Super Tall Paul, straight onto the bus.  Twenty amazing humans were staring at me.  I quickly realized that most of them preformed in the Do Lab earlier and others were from the Lucent Dociet Experience.  Their costumes were insane and I knew immediately that I needed to party with them.  I yelled “I’m Betty, I’m from Canada, I love this bus.  WHO WANTS TO HAVE A MUTHA F&%$ING BLOW OUT!!!”  The DJ on the tables screamed “GET ON THE BUUUSSSSSSS.”  And that was the beginning of one the most epic party nights of my life.

Super Tall Paul

Super Tall Paul

Lucent Dossier, an avant-garde circus arts troupe

Lucent Dossier, an avant-garde circus arts troupe

After marching the  Do Lab crew back to our site to grab all of our booze, and getting everyone else on The Bugaloo (aka the bus), Pete (and here is where the story gets 50,000x more awesome) grabs the microphone beside the DJ, and asks if he could spit a few.  We were all like “WHAT!?”  No one saw this coming.  No one.  One minute we have this lovely couple from the UK who shared cocktails with us, and then another minute their raging out on The Bugaloo’s circus party stage.  Pete gets on the mike and LAYS INTO IT.  I mean, he’s dropping the sickest rhymes EVER.  We are all having a total mental blow out at this point.  Kora is lying on the ground freaking out, I’m spilling Champaign all over the place, Keeley is raging out at the stage, Hamish is losing it and Pete is commanding the audience.  It was actually unreal, and I will never forget that moment.  Ever.  Pete had that whole bus vibrating and the entire audience dancing.  The DJ was spinning the sickest beats, and those two were working together seamlessly.  BEST NIGHT EVER.  It went on until we pulled the plug at 10am.

Anyways, here’s Pete…check him out.  Keeley and Pete kill it 24/7.

4 Comments on Betty and Kora LOVE Keeley and Pete. The Tale of The Bugaloo Blow out.

  1. PETE! This is Jim…

    You and your lady are the shit! Hope all is well on your side of the pond.

    This was seriously awesome to read and watch. Very good memories.


      Ahhh man Coachella was the best, meeting you guys actually made our festival. I still get a broad smile across my face when I think of that night.

      Anyway you’ve got the camera footage that backs up this crazy tale. Get it on the web my friend. I’ve been dying to see it.

      Stay awesome JIM. Peace.

  2. Awesome story! Sounds pretty unreal!

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