The Day I Met James Murphy from LCD Sound System

##@$%^%*^*%%$!!!!! TOTAL MIND BLOW


We all have our favorite musicians.  Mine is James Murphy (lead singer of LCD Sound System).  I have a variety of reasons concerning my ever present admiration for him.  He is intelligent, self conscious, immensely creative, takes risks musically, enjoys pretentious ideas, is a courageous singer, composer and lyricist, wears the 5 O’clock shadow like it’s the new black and is human.  James Murphy intrigues me.  He’s one of those people who I would never meet but is someone who has a constant and profound effect on my life.  Well, I thought I would never meet Mr. Murphy, until, well, I did.I was lucky enough to see LCD Sound System at the Sasquatch Music Festival back in 2010.  Their show blew my mind apart.

The guy in the Yellow We brought them in with us

The guy in the Yellow shirt…security. We brought them in with us

I’ll never forget our entire group of friends standing at the front stage gate demanding that they let us in (its about a 300 person capactiy area), which was clearly already packed.  We bartered with them.  Preformed dances.  Shared snacks.  Offered to buy them beer.  Gave them shots from our flasks.  Asked them to marry us.  No word of a lie, two minutes before LCD went on, they looked at us and said “fuck it. GO!”  Fifty fucked up Canadian party monsters took over that front stage area in five seconds.  The security gaurds joined us, which I’m sure they got fired for, but who fucking cares.  IT WAS LEGENDARY.  LCD played the greatest set ever, and I’ll never forget those security guards for doing us such a solid.

I need to contextualize LCD for people that aren’t in our direct friend group.  They are the soundtrack to many of our lives.  From shredding pow to destroying outselves at Flip Cup, to that fucking mess of a toilet paper party to yoga classes, these guys permeate everything.

Lost our minds

Lost our minds

Ok, so, James Murphy played a DJ Set in Vancouver this past November.  It also happened to be my friends birthday.  In true birthday fashion, we all made birthday hats.  Mine had sparkles, feathers and pom poms, and it escorted me to the club sitting atop of my head.  My flamboyant hat also made an excellent gift for Mr. Murphy and mid song decided to pass it to him.  He first looked confused, then looked at me, then looked at the hat, laughed, took the hat and put it on his computer.  I had people all around me throwing high fives and hugging me.  It’s like we were a bunch of pre-schoolers excited about shiny things.  It was awesome.

After the set, I grabbed my friend and asked him if he would be willing to ATTEMPT to take a photo of James Murphy and I.  It’s like one of those moments that you realize your acting ridiculous and this person that you idolize is also a human being, so pull up your BIG GIRL PANTS BETTY and just do it.  With that said, I marched up to the stage, flailed my arms and got his attention.  He yelled “birthday girl,” It wasn’t my birthday, but who fucking carea) and I yelled “HOLY FUCKING SHIT JAMES MURPHY, CAN I BET THAT GIRL RIGHT NOW AND GET A PHOTO WITH YOU?”   I shook his hand and said “you have no idea the impact that your creativity has had on me, it’s an honor.  Thank you.  You’re the soundtrack to my life”  Mr. Murphy replied “I’m glad that you like it so much.”  And with that, I remained speechless for most of the night… holding up my phone, pointing to the photo.  I think I called my mom but I don’t remember.

My point here is that life has fantastic ways of working.  One minute you are making flamboyantly amazing party hats and the next you are reduced to a three year old seeing Santa for the first time.  Life is FUCKING GREAT!!



5 Comments on The Day I Met James Murphy from LCD Sound System

  1. Jake Southard // June 7, 2013 at 3:37 pm // Reply

    I’m that security guard!! Hahahaha

    • NO F’ING WAAYY!!!! hahahahahaha that’s UN REEAALLL!!! Thank you for being so freaking rad and letting us party in the pit….with you!!!!!

  2. Alexander // June 7, 2013 at 3:03 pm // Reply

    You took a photo of me this year at Sasquatch, i was the guy wearing an indian headress. I came to your blog and Funny story, that security guard in this picture happens to be my best friend who attended his first Sasquatch from our side this year.. Such a strange small world. Great picture to capture the moment.

    • Hey Alexander, that’s SOOOOOOO CRAZY and insanely awesome! What a small world indeed. It was awesome meeting you at Sasquatch and thanks again for giving me the site you got your amazing headress from. Hope to run into you again soon! Let us know which festivals your hitting up and we’ll keep our eye out for ya! – Kora

  3. I love that we were at the same concert! Sad that I didn’t see you though! 😦

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