The Ultimate Sasquatch By: Xavier Walker

I honestly can’t just leave it at “fun”. As much as it was funny to explain the festival in 1 word and to get a few reactions, I can’t. This years ‘Sasquatch’ was the best one to date; I’ve been to 3 so far and this one far beats out the rest. I must futher explain.

Travelling: The way TO go to Sasquatch for starters, is in an RV. Seven of my best friends for 9 hours on the road, in a super rad extended mobile home. Pack in more alcohol than anyone should consume in their lifetime and more snacks than a stadium would consume during a superbowl and you’re set.

Leadership: When your by yourself or with a best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend, its easy to get in and out of those crowds, run to your next show, cut in lines, get against that cage, etc. Rounding up 10 people all the time takes patience and dedication to the team. Luckily we had the 2 tallest men in charge with one epic ‘lobster hat’ ~ (Justin Doyle & Wesley Bain) that gathered everyone up in time for the shows that showed interest to the group.

The Music ~ Set of the Weekend (IMO) ~ Macklemore And Ryan Lewis..
Friday Night, last set on main stage. This set is hard to explain in words. There’s alot that can be said about the passion behind Ben Haggerty but most of the words were left back on that dancefloor. The power of hip hop took over the stage and most likely the whole festival that night. We were right in the pit the entire time and you literally could feel the power from the bass, the lyrics, the lights, the music, the message. Him and Ryan Lewis set out on a mission and succeeded. Those of you that were there would agree, those that were’nt, I guess you’ll have to wait til he comes back to the Gorge.

~ Rock/Indie Rock: A lot was missed but a lot was also seen. I didn’t get to see Mumford and Sons, Primus, Vampire Weekend (who I love) or Built to Spill (who I used to admire). We got right in the dance pit to “Cake”, who I’ve never seen before and they were SO MUCH FUN. Saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (they played ‘Home’ and everyone and the rest of the animal onesies on the mountain were put in some kind of happy dancing trance; it was a Sasquatch moment for sure. Alt-J was as good as their album, ‘Fitzpleasure’ sounding flawless. Sigur Ros was beautiful, magical & epic, exactly how you would expect it. Youth Lagoon was beyond amazing although they had a late start; easily one of the best performances of the weekend. One of my favorite bands right now, CHVRCHES played Monday and they were so perfect. It was the start of their tour and they are one of the best electro/pop bands out right now.

~ Dance Music/Forward Thinking/Tech Stuff: So much talent in the dance tent this year. The dance TENT alone was better than it’s ever been in the last 3 years; bigger lighting, bigger tent, more room, etc. John TalabotOdesza & The Presets were the highlights. It really was so amazing to see the Presets live and in action. So many songs I used to remember that I got to hear and we were right up in the front for that show. Those of you who know Lusine, he was also amazing. ‘John Talabot’ was super progressive and housey, like really really good live tech house. Rusko ended off the party on the Bigfoot stage quite nicely. Grimes’ set was amazing but there was something wrong with her microphone so it REALLY gave the whole thing a bad taste.

I know there was a whole wack load of other artists but that’s pretty much what I saw and experienced. So, so many amazing bands, artists from Seattle and Vancouver which was so great to see

Overall, it was really just the best time I’ve ever had with my friends. You know who you are. I’ve never had a better time at a festival with everyone. It really was a time of bonding and just hanging out and enjoying life and each other and hugging, dancing, drinking and getting crazy.

Sasquatch-1-4All of you that were there, thank you for being amazing and I’m so happy to know you as my friends. You all made my experience THAT much better.

I ❤ Sasquatch
– Xavier Walker

1 Comment on The Ultimate Sasquatch By: Xavier Walker

  1. I’m happy to see that the Lobster Hat Party Beacon is still in full effect!!!

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