The School Of Ledge…

My  totally awesome neighbours from the city happened to be visiting my hometown over the long weekend as was I. After wining and dining them at my favorite place on earth (my mom’s house) I decided what better way to show them  a good time then to take them to old fashioned small town hippy house party.

My mom's.

My mom’s.

It was at this said house party that I met an interesting young lad from the UK named Rylan. Within the first half an hour of arriving at this party, I busted out a high kick.  “Ledge Point”, he  casually said, to which I nodded. After a few handhugs and one-liners that also earned me a “ledge point”, it was clear I was missing something… “What’s a ledge point?”

He replied in his thick British accent: “A Ledge point comes from the International School of Legends. You can be a part of this International School of Legends if you’ve done something that’s earned you a “Ledge Point”. To earn “Ledge Point” you have to break the boundaries, do something out of this world, insane, cool,bad ass, or just straight up say something witty”.

My mind was blown. My friends and I were definitely handing out some solid “ledge points” last weekend at Sasquatch.

– Kora

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