Feature Interview With Photographer Kevin Serrano

San Diegian Sunset

B&K: “Photography is clearly a big part of your life. When did your interest peak and how did it evolve into what it is now?”

Kevin: “In all honesty, I never imagined myself here as a kid. Spring 2012… I remember talking about wanting to learn something new with my friend Morgan O’morrow, who is now featured as a model in various publications, and what resulted was a passion for photography. It started with a Canon Rebel T2i basic kit and has developed since then.
What got me going was being the “Historian” for an on-campus organization, which lead to shoot a variety of events; one being a Parents Weekend photo-shoot. I remember one of the parents giving me a $5 bill, which I still have as a reminded of how this all started. As I learned more and developed my portfolio, I was approached by a variety of businesses to do commercial photography… Far from the landscape escape photos that I was accustomed too.”

Shakesmart Greek Yogurt

Kevin: “The more I developed; I tried to learn different approaches like lifestyle, portraits, and journalistic methods.”

JewelsEnd AlzDaily Aztec Mars RoverDerby Daze

Kevin: “And the more I pursued my passion, I felt as if I was alone. That’s when I decided to found The Photography Club at SDSU. It was a way to bring the photographer community together.”
Photography Club

B&K: “What are some of your favorite things to photograph?”

Kevin: “As cheesy as it sounds my goal has always been the same, to Capture RAW emotion in my photos.
Sometimes I go out to shoot for the sole purpose of peace of mind and come back with a visual reflection of how I was feeling.”

San Diego chainedSan Diego Behind Bars

Kevin: “Other times I strive to show the essence of the event or people I am photographing but the whole point is to remember a true account of what actually happened.”
Delta Xi DrewTRD jeff_robbie

B&K: “Do you have any influences? By that we mean do you have any artists, photographers, people etc., that have really made an impact on your work?”

Kevin: “My primary influence is and has always been my Mom. She has shaped the lens in which I see the world. To this day she is always talking picture of my brothers, sister, and me… Trying to capture every stage of our lives’ and me. I did not understand it as a kid, but she taught me to appreciate the finest moments in life.”

Betsy's PictureMom's Picture

Kevin: “I was introduced into the professional photography world by my good friend Manuel Ortega, who I still shoot with whenever I am in Central California. I’ll never forget being a “voice activated light stand” a.k.a. assistant for my High School principle’s wedding.
When it comes to other photographers I really enjoy the work of EDM photographer Rukes (Drew Ressler) and Fashion photographer Emily Soto. Rukes has a way of capturing the essences of a festival from every possible angle while Emily’s fashion work blows me away with the subtle attention to detail and the degree of difficultly in all her shots. I also appreciate the subversive photography of John Baldessari, but I would have to say my biggest influence is the way music moves me and experiences I encounter on a daily basis. As much as I can plan out a shoot, I just have to go with what is inside and let that flow.”
DJ Will Mondet

B&K: “You’re into festival/event photography. You must have some pretty rad stories. Any moments you care to share?”

Kevin: “Getting to meet new bands and DJs is always fun! But to me the greatest times are when I am able to be in company of good friends, take unique pictures, and learn new techniques.Probably one of my favorite experiences was taking photos for DJ Marcus Shultz and DJ Jason Ross at the House of Blues in San Diego. It was first time being exposed to a venue like that. Needless to say, with laser beams being shot everywhere, it was initially hard to focus, yet all the more challenging and engaging. What made it even better was for weeks prior to the event, my core group of friends and I were promoting the event to all of San Diego State University… which resulted with heading to the House of Blues in a packed party bus filled with my closest friends… EPIC! Friends, good music, and a unique learning experience made it a rad experience to say the least.”
HOB RedHOB blue

Kevin: “Another cool experience I have had is being able to go to all the shows that The Room Downstairs plays. One of the most memorable experiences was starting the audience wave from on stage… That was something I always wanted to do. On top of that, the same day I also got to meet Imagine Dragons before they exploded into the super stars that they are today.”
TRD JeffTRD EPICImagine Dragons EpicImagine Dragons Sound tech

B&K: “If you could photograph one festival, which one would you want to work with and why?”

Kevin: “Without a doubt, Coachella! That has always been the underlying goal of mine. That is one place that I know I could be with all my friends, see my favorite artists, and leave with a once in a lifetime experience.”

Fine Art Photography

B&K: “Top 5 favorite things right now. Anything Kevin. This could range from music to greasy pizza to sunsets. What are you into right now?”

1.Snap worthy moments
2. Game of Thrones
3. Betty and Kora
4. SF Giants
5. Favorite place to be… Big Sur, CA.
SF Giants Opening Day 2013Big Sur...

B&K: “Where do you see yourself going forward?”

Kevin: “In all honesty I have no idea. This entire project has blown up so quickly that its hard to wrap my mind around the fact that someone actually wants to interview me.It started started as a pastime, turned into a passion, and blossomed into a way of life. Quite frankly at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if I incorporate it into my career or pursue an ethnographic study in association with photography (and my degree).However, when you spend so much time trying to move the audience with a still picture it makes you wonder about making Motion Pictures.Who knows. As for now, I’m going to take it one snap at a time.”

B&K: “What’s your song of the day today?”

Kevin: “First song that comes to mind: RJD2 -1976”

B&K: “Last Question: If you were a party beacon, what would you be and why?”

Kevin: “Out of respect for the festival friends that indoctrinated me, at the top of the Totem, I’m going to have to go with the “Pinkies Up, front-left” method… It’s free. However, I must admit the Pin Wheels are rather effective, but holding a camera above your head is a sure way to get anywhere at a music festival.”
Peace at Sea

All Photography courtesy of Kevin Serrano Photography, San Diego California

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