Sasquatch, The Lobster and First Aid: A Response to Show Me Your Party Beacon

The long walk into Sasquatch

The long walk into Sasquatch

The first day of Sasquatch 2010 was the best day. Although my boyfriend and I had purchased VIP tickets which included a ride to the venue we decided to walk with our friends. This would be the last time.

Alright, it really wasn’t as dramatic as I just made that sound. When we arrived at the gates it was PACKED so Wes held his hat high for us to see. “If we ever split up, just look for the lobster hat”. It had been decided. The lobster hat would be our Party Beacon.

Lobster Hat Beacon

Lobster Hat Beacon

Unfortunately for me when we got to the front of the line the security woman said with a huff: “No Hula Hoops Allowed!” I should have taken the hint.
To my dismay my boyfriend and I had to hop in the VIP van and go all the way back to our camp site to leave it there.  “Just follow the lobster hat!” Wes yelled at us as we hitched a ride. Sasquatch
When we finally made it through the gates I noticed my friend Chantel still had her hula hoop. What a sneak! I was so excited! What is better than Hula Hooping and Music?!?(Seriously??).
So the adventure began and as we walked Wes held our Party Beacon high in order for us to follow suite.
We headed straight to the main stage and created  what would be home base(bass) for the rest of the festival. The party had started. As soon as LCD Sound System came on I grabbed Chantel’s hoop and started jamming. I don’t want to point fingers but after we returned home from the event, the following picture surfaced which might explain a few things:


To this day I am not sure exactly what happened except that I went down–hard–rolling my ankle along the way. It was only about an hour in to the three day festival and I had injured my ankle. My friends were amazing, especially Laura, who ripped off her bandeau and wrapped it around my ankle in order to secure some ice she received from First Aid. I was lucky enough to have amazing friends who then ended up taking turns piggy backing me around for the rest of the festival. Thank god I had purchased those VIP tickets and was able to get a ride to and from the venue! Although it took months to recover from the injury I still had a blast. I was even able to dance for a bit during A-Skills’ set on a later night.

Although I spent most of the concert guarding home base, thanks to The Lobster Hat, I was always able to tell where my friends were, up front and centre dancing, while I sat atop the hill with whatever friend had agreed to babysit me and my injured limb.
Submitted by Kalisi – From some where in Canada

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