Coach Kitty’s Sasquatch Survival Tips!

Alright, alright, alright!

Kitty here! It’s time to talk festival endurance, you know what I’m talking about, it’s day 2, and you know you still have a day (or 2 more if we are talking Sasquatch) and you are feelin the hurt. Well my fine friends here’s a few tips on keeping that energy going while still partying like tomorrow will never arrive… because trust me.. it will!

Tip 1. Training… You are probably amped for the fest, working out, eating clean, and focusing your attention on ridiculous outfits, cocktails to mix up and finding the right shades. Don’t let this distract you… you don’t want to make the rookie mistake of getting too excited the first night, drinking drinks too heavy and sandbagging yourself. So take it slow, have a little vino with dinner, a nightcap, or a pre-pre party… It’s the logical thing to do!

Tip 2. Hydrate. I know the only liquid that you want to touch your lips will probably involve whiskey, vodka, beer, wine or whatever the perfect stranger hands you in a gesture of festy friendship.. and by all means… crush that stuff, BUT remember to keep a fresh reserve of water at least near the zipper of your tent and even better, coconut water! Heck, use it to mix up your cocktails, two birds, one stone! But honestly, adding a little more water into your day will keep you amped the whole fest through.

Tip 3. Rest. A good sleep will turn you into the energizer bunny the entire weekend. So find a tent, RV or patch of grass and get some sleep on… your body will thank you… And you WILL make it to the blowout party!

Now hopefully I can take a tip or two of my own advice… Happy festing everyone!


Kitty, well rested, hydrated,  looking fabulous and clearly having the best time EVER.

Kitty, well rested, hydrated, looking fabulous and clearly having the best time EVER after taking her own advice.

2 Comments on Coach Kitty’s Sasquatch Survival Tips!

  1. def do the scotch and coconut water..u won’t be disappointed..lil tip from the island 😉

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