Picking up the Pieces (of a Blown Mind) Part. 2

(Continued from part 1)

What I personally think is going on at Coachella to give it the power to mess with your mind is this…if you’re open to it, you can tap into almost limitless creativity.  This isn’t just creativity revolving around the arts though, I’m talking creativity for life.

The first thing I would tell someone going to any festival is, “be open to as many interactions as you can”.  You don’t have to try hard to have them or search them out, just take them as they come.  Along the way you might come across situations that push your comfort zone, but if you open up to some of these moments you may be surprised to find they become your fondest memories.

I ended up closing down Coachella this year by getting pulled on stage by Super Tall Paul (he’s awesome) at 6:30 AM for having a slight resemblance to Bradley Cooper.  Him and his cohort made me dance to “Putting on the Ritz” in front of a crowd of people with my party beacon pinwheel as a cane.  “Holy crap” were the only words going through my head and I loved every second of it.

All this being said, if you are open to these interactions, especially at Coachella, here’s what happens…you start looking outside of the box you didn’t even know you were in.  This year alone I met:

1)  A man who had a 12″ blue mohawk who also happened to make beautiful custom concrete furniture

2) A regular guy in a black hoodie who by 25 handled most of the staging/tents for coachella and the freakin’ Superbowl.

3) An english couple who seemed like high school sweethearts on a quaint little honeymoon…and I maintained this view until I saw the guy of the couple walk right up to a DJ who was spinning in the campground, grab the mic, and proceed to spit the sickest rhymes and hype the crowd for 45 min straight…SICK!

4) A guy dressed as Waldo who directed his own films

5) Another Waldo who made props for TV shows

6) Still another Waldo who was one of the head screeners for the Sundance Film Festival

If you welcome people as they come, and you’re actually interested in finding out who they are, you’re in for a treat.  New ideas combined with all of the music and art you’re exposed to will leave your head spinning for weeks when you get home…and that’s a good thing.  You may just take your life in a direction you never thought you would.  Coachella provides a platform to meet and share ideas with hundreds of new people every day from all over the world…and they’re all stoked.  Try finding that at home.

In closing, as I was typing this I realized that these ideas about being an open person shouldn’t be confined to Coachella, they should be standard practice.  With 100,000 people a day at Coachella though (and 99,800 you’ve never met), I think it moves things along a bit quicker than normal.  That’s why I keep going back.



P.S.  If you’ve read this far here’s a little something extra for you.  Super Tall Paul is really good at the loop pedals as you saw above. This guy here is insanely good at the loop pedals.  Wait until 1:45 for things to really get moving.

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