Picking up the Pieces (of a Blown Mind) Part.1

I went to my first music festival about 5 years ago.  It was called Pemberton Music Festival…and on top of the amazing times that were had, it blew my mind into little pieces of holy shit.

Since then I’ve been to many different types of festivals: free fests, hidden fests, circus fests, hippie fests, small fests, big fests, good fests, and bad fests (I’ve never been to a bad one).  After the initial mind blow at Pemberton though, I’ve pretty much been able to keep my brain intact.  That is until I went to Coachella.

I’ve been to Coachella 3 times…and the first time I don’t think I realized what was happening to me.  Don’t get me wrong I remember almost the entire experience, but when I arrived back at home something was different.  I was unsatisfied with certain things in my life, and I was ready to make some changes that were perhaps lingering in the back of my mind.  I never connected the two at the time, so I just carried on with life.

Fast forward to last year.  I watched my friend come home from Coachella, quit his job, and start his own car dealership.  I think I started to get a clue what was actually going on when he said he would’ve never made a change unless he had gone to Coachella and realized he was unfulfilled with his work.

I needed some time to think about things
I needed some time to think about things

This year I heard it loud and clear.  Coachella specifically is one festival that has the power to fuck your mind.  I haven’t been back to school in over a decade, an I’m now enrolled in a fine furniture program.  My good friend quit both of her jobs and is moving to Vancouver to pursue her career as a dietitian.  My Girlfriend withdrew from her masters program after a week and is now working for 4 music festivals and a winery.  All of these things have happened within one month of returning from Coachella.


Here’s what I think is actually going on…


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