Festival Friend J! Donnell: Free Love and Friendships

B&K want to thank J for writing in and sharing his story with all of our friends.  We encourage everyone to send in their stories, photos and videos from any festival/musical/party experiences they would like to share with the world:

To coalesce the libidinous chaos that descends onto the Indio polo fields for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the whirling skirmish of free love and good people needs an anchor, some tangible element to unite those brave souls who trudge together into hedonistic transcendence. There exists no better bastion of pure positivity and endless possibility than the party beacon. From across the raging sea of usual suspects- the undulating bracelets of a malleable mass of festival fairies, over-muscled and under-clothed fraternity troglodytes, and more fake native Americans than on university scholarship applications – the epicenter of all things right in the world stands in shimmering defiance of the torrid afternoon heat. Powered equally by the constant stream of music and the intermittent desert breeze, the beacon spins with purpose and passion. The palpable vibrations generated beckon lost members of our festival family to a party within a party. A land where hand hugs are formal greetings, everyone waves like the queen, and smiles are more valuable than gold.

But what would any great lodestar be, without a great woman (or two) for love and support, to thrust the beacon unwaveringly high into the April sky? The physical science behind the party beacon magic comes from Betty and Kora, the 12-out-of-10 babes high on nicknames but low on working vocal chords; this entire endeavor runs wholly on the pure love and positive energy exuding from their freakishly large hearts. When the crowds and heat are at their utmost overwhelming, and the smorgasbord of ingested intoxicants are waging a ruthless civil war on our serotonin levels and collective psyche, they steadfastly hoist the party beacon as if it were that soft green light across the horizon, luring us home into a better existence and our own version of Gatsby’s American dream.

Should you find yourself lost and dismayed among the beautiful savages, hold one eye forever upward in search of the four-pointed star, the resplendent plastic light at the end of a hot and dusty tunnel. Where the party beacon beckons, be sure to follow, and hopefully I will see you there.

– J! Donnell

One of our fav new festival friends J! and Kora

One of our fav new festival friends J! and Kora

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