Hold em’ up HIGH People!

Some of you may be wondering what exactly a party beacon is… Allow me to explain…

When partying at various awesome music festivals around the world finding your friends can be tough—nonetheless, Kora and Betty found the ultimate solution. Rather than trying to find our friends, we would simply hold our party beacons high in the sky and dance, twirl and high-five with them so that our festival friends could always find us.

What does a party beacon look like you ask?

Our party beacons were the result of the best 60 cents Betty ever spent at “Wally World”: 2 super shiny silver pinwheels that spin in the wind and catch the light like a prism.  Who knew these light and easy to carry yet highly visible little gems would unite our entire team of amazing festival friends for our weekend  of non stop fun and 24/4 killin it at Coachella 2013.

Betty leading the troops!

Betty leading the troops!

A beauty shot of the beacon... and Ja

A beauty shot of the beacon… and Hamish of course…

The party beacon comes in especially handy when:
The one band you’ve been dying to see for over a decade is playing the main stage at COACHELLA! The time finally rolls around that this undeniably incredible band, ahem—The Postal Service—begins their set. Just then a typical scenario arises: In your mind you want all hands on deck; everyone you’re with should drop what they’re doing and run like cheetahs through the herd of cattle to get as close to the stage as possible. Instead you’re in the beer garden with 20 of your besties who are all wasted. Two of them have to pee, one needs pizza, and another needs to borrow someone’s wrist band so they can go get their boyfriend in.  Meanwhile the others don’t even realize that one of the best shows of the entire festival has just commenced. What do you do? Traditionally you would try and gather the herd, round up the team and roll out of the beer garden together. Not anymore! Run Cheetah!  Run as fast as you can so you don’t miss a single moment of this “Natural Anthem”—a.k.a. the soundtrack to your life!

All you need to do is tell one key person your peace-ing out (after all communication is key when partying) and that all they need to do is look for the glimmering sparkle of the party beacon high in the sky to find you.

I promise you that the exact moment you get that feeling like “man, I wish all my friends were here loosing their minds over how good this is right now” … BOOM!  They will appear. How on earth did they find you amongst the tens of thousands of people you might ask? The answer will be simple. THE PARTY BEACON.

The party beacon does not have to be a 60-cent pinwheel from Walmart, it can be anything your heart desires; a giant spider balloon named Catrina, a ridiculously tacky and flashy rainbow coloured umbrella, or just a good old-fashioned topless shoulder ride.  Party beacons come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all work the same. Tried, tested and true, you’re never lost if you’re holding your party beacon high!

xo Kora



  1. For years our Party Beacon has been one of my best-tall-guy-friend-Wes’s lobster hat. He would always hold it high when we needed to follow suite. Wish I could post a picture response! ❤

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