More Trippy Glasses: Eye Love Shadez

Again, with the trippy glasses!!

I’m definitely into these, considering you can customize your own…serious possibilities here.  Not gunna lie, I’m going to order 12.


“Whether you’re a hater, a lover, a dreamer or a believer EyeLoveShadez is sure to have a pair of shadez for you. An up and coming fashionable eyewear company, the EyeLoveShadez vision is part of a movement of a young generation and how they express themselves. You’re not paying for our brand name, you’re paying for a high quality product that will guarantee you a good time wherever you are. Order one pair and you’ll want the whole collection. A wide array of styles, colors and lenses are constantly being developed to ensure that your pair is different from the next.

Rock your Shadez on a hot summer day, or on a sunny winter afternoon. Wear them to school or on your way to work. Inside your favorite club or at the hottest music festivals. In the middle of the dance floor, or getting some fresh air outside. Stand out and fit in at the same time– be noticed without trying. Make a statement with any of our unique styles.

Starting off in Montreal and Miami, we promise not to stop before we’re all over the world. Look for our products on our online shop, our E-Bay store, local boutiques and at the most popular music festivals across the world. Compliment your lifestyle with a pair of EyeLoveShadez.

We can customize any pair of Shadez just for you. Any design on any lens, any arm color, any frame design can be done. Use your imagination, make your dreams come true and let us know if you are interested in customizing your own pair of Shadez today. Whether it be for promotional use, for you to resell, or for you and your crew to wear, there is nothing we can’t do.

You better buckle up, once you get on this ride, you’ll never want to get off!

Welcome to the EyeLoveShadez era!”


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