Friends Don’t Let Friends Fest Without 3D Glasses.

Buy them.


Picture this: Coachella 2012, and The Rapture was just about to play on The Mojave stage. We just met a new friend, named Todd Hollywood, who adorned our group with pretty little bracelets that said “memories” on them (something that we all have to this day). Todd then did the unexpected: he placed 3D glasses on all of us. Holy fucking shit. When you’re out of your head, party snaking through all of Coachella to The Rapture with Kaleidoscopes for eyes your life could not arguably get any better.

Scenario 2: Grimes (who I have the biggest girl crush on EVER) was on stage (less than 2 weeks ago I might add). I turn to this chick next to me who is wearing THE COOLEST GLASSES EVER. Why were they so cool? I’ll tell you why: they were actual hand chiseled-crystal lenses. She said were given to her the night before from a man who studied time travel. DOPE. She put them on my face and my life will never be the same. Check them out, click here:   They will blow your fucking mind.  It’s like being on DMT… well kind of.


The Third Story: Kora and I are hanging out watching Pretty Lights and this guy is crouched down in the crowd, wearing gloves with glowing finger tips. Turns out his name is Jason, and him and his friend Charley (who turn out to be the radest people from NY) go around giving strange little personal 3D-light shows to people during Coachella. Best free show ever.

End: I brought 3D glasses to Coachella this year based on past experiences. When you’re strung out at 5am, stuck in a bus being force fed champaign by a traveling circus they come in real handy. The message here is simple: friends don’t let friends fest without 3D glasses.


coachella 3d coachella 3d2

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